112: The Magic Emergency Number

The magic number for any emergency in Greece or anywhere in Europe?

emergency112: The Magic Emergency Number

Imagine you are on holidays in Europe. You have an accident, you see a fire or you spot a burglary -would you know who to call for help? Now, all you need is to dial one single number: 112! The European Commission and the European Travel Agents’ and Tour Operators’ Associations (ECTAA) want to remind travelers about the 112 emergency number, which is reachable everywhere in the EU, free of charge.

This European emergency number could be a life saver, particularly for travellers who may not necessarily know which local number to dial in an emergency abroad. According to the latest Eurobarometer survey on 112, it is estimated that 5 million more people are aware of the 112 emergency number compared to the previous year. So, in case of an emergency anywhere in the EU, remember and dial the magic number: 112! Europa.Eu: 112 in Greece

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