Calendar July 6-July 13

A dive-in" class

A "dive-in" class at the pool in Naxos.

Temple of Demeter on Naxos

Tuesay, July 6
Allyson explores bougainvillea at Halki on Naxos

Wednesday, July 7
Santorini or Naxos

Thursday, July 8
Santorini or Naxos
The Portara, on Naxos
Friday, July 9

2015s at the Unfinished Kouros on Naxos

Saturday, July 10

Swimming off Naxos

Sunday, July 11
Melos (or Milos)

Overlooking the Roman theater on Milos, 2018
Monday, July 12
Melos (or Milos)

2004's Zack on a ferry

Tuesday, July 13
Melos (or Milos)

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