Choosing Your Courses (descriptions, syllabi, etc.)

2013's at MycenaeAll KIIS participants are expected to take one 3-hour class or two 3-hour classes, even if they will have graduated before taking a summer program. Students with financial aid are generally expected to take a full load of two courses.

Schools which are members of the consortium have already agreed to accept KIIS summer program courses as transfer courses. Thus, your 3 or 6 hours of credit should transfer over as 3 or 6 hours in your own university or college. What is left to your initiative is HOW those courses will transfer over, i.e., in which departments or programs your KIIS programs will count.

Western Kentucky University, as the KIIS supporting institution, is charged with the administrative tasks of enrolling students, issuing credit, recording grades, issuing transcripts, etc. Thus, the KIIS Greece program courses have been assigned Western Kentucky course designations and numbers. These are simply suggested course rubrics; those courses labeled "ENG 399" would not have to count as English classes at your own university or college.

Many of our courses would transfer over as Classical Culture or Classical Civilization or as an Honors class, or even Anthropology or History or Art or Political Science, at your institution. It's your job to consult with the KIIS representative on your campus and figure out which course designations would be the best fit for your program. For example, BSU has already agreed that "Myth in Context" might count as Classical Culture 205 or 305 or 498 (among others); "Ancient Greek Political Thought" might count as Classical Culture 301 or 402 or 498 (among others), for example. One class may count as an Honors colloquium at BSU (with the permission of the Honors College Dean).
We suggest you contact your on-campus KIIS representative soon. If you are a student at an institution which is not a member of the consortium and thus does not have a KIIS representative, we would be glad to help you. Just email Dr. Chris Shea ( or Dr. Richard King (

Several of our classes may have been designated with the same rubric (RELS 399, for example, which is WKU's designation for "special topics" courses in Religious Studies).. Don't worry about signing up for two of these classes; you would still receive 6 hours of credit, and the classes would still transfer over as two separate courses, in two different departments if that's what you and your KIIS rep work out.

Graduate students have gone on the Greece trip before--some of our classes would qualify for graduate credit with some extra work. Please ask the professor about the possibilities.

A word to the wise: if you only sign up for one course and all your cronies are enrolled in two courses, you may find yourself sitting on a rock (at Delphi, for example) day after day, waiting for them to be released from class. You might as well have signed up for their class.

KIIS Greece classes provide 37.5 hours of face-to-face instruction in a classroom setting or on an archaeological site. For a look at what our classrooms are like, check out the photo for June 13 on the calendar. That's one of our roof garden classrooms in the hotel in Athens. For a look at an on-site class, check out the photo for June 15 on the calendar. That's a class at Delphi, the sacred site dedicated to Apollo.