Contact Information for Greece

KIIS Greece
June 28 (date we arrive in Athens) - August 1 (date we leave Athens)

Cell in Greece (from the U. S.): 011-30-697-198-8257 or 693-309-1820 but you may always just call us on our US cellphone 765 631-0652 (Shea) 765 730-9165 (King)

* Athens June 28-30; July 18-19; July 29-31
Attalos Hotel, 29, Athinas St.
Tel: 011-30-210-3212801; Fax: 011-30-210-3243124

* Mykonos July 1-2
Artemida's Village Hotel, Glastros, Mykonos
Tel: 011-30-22890-28263

* Naxos July 3-July 10
Hotel Anatoli
Tel: 011-30-22850-24426; Fax: 011-30-22850-23999

*Milos (also transliterated 'Melos') July 11-13
Hotel Liogerma, Hotel Eleni, Adamantas 848 01
Tel: 011-30-2287 022300; 22870 21972;(Eleni)

* Siphnos (also transliterated 'Sifnos') July 14-17
Hotel Benakis (sometimes 'Benaki')
Platis Gialos, Sifnos 84003
Tel: 011-30-22840-71334; Fax: 011-30-22840-71368

*Loutraki July 20
Kosmopolit Hotel, 6, Ilia Spirogianaki St.,20300 Peloponesse, Loutrakion, Greece
Tel: +30 2744 022336

* Delphi July 21
Hotel Pan Tel: 011-30-22650-82294; Fax: 011-30-22650-82320

* Olympia July 22-23
Ilis Hotel Tel: 011-30-26240-22348; Fax: 011-30-26240-22112

* Nauplion (also transliterated 'Nafplion') July 24-28
Agamemnon Hotel Tel: 011-30-27520-28021; Fax: 011-30-27520-28022

English: In every hotel, (almost) everyone has excellent English.
Internet: Every hotel has made some attempt at providing internet access, except the Hotel Pan in Delphi (but we’re only there one night). Every year internet access gets better, but the basic problems are: (1) internet access is only available in public areas of the hotel (Ilis, in Olympia, for example), making it difficult to skype privately, f.e.; (2) internet access is available everywhere, even in the rooms, but the server is limited, and it is often impossible to connect; (3) printing is a problem, except in Athens; (4) machines provided in the hotels or at internet cafes nearby are in poor operating condition or appear to have poor protection.
Roommates: Never more than three to a room.
Time difference from Lexington: 7 hours
Single Option: We could probably make a single option available if a student desired it. Price would vary by hotel; not all hotels may have a single room available.
ADA Equivalent
: In general, the hotels have small and cranky elevators. It would be possible, but not easy, for someone in a wheelchair to maneuver around the hotels

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