Group Flight Details

The itinerary from 2019, but much of what it says will be applicable this tear as well!

2015s in the airport
(all times are military time)

Greetings, Greece-goers!

Scroll to the very bottom of this page for the details for our group flight.
The general plan is:


Tuesday, May 14--you'll need to be at the American Airlines ticket counter at the Cincinnati airport by 0745 Eastern Time.

Wednesday, May 15(arrive Athens) early morning 0920 (Athens time)


Thursday, June 20 (arrive Cincinnati same day) 2022 Eastern Time

Please remember that you may join us on the group flight--in Cincinnati or Philadelphia--but buy the tickets on your own. Also, since our official arrival time in Athens is on May 15, you are obliged to be in Athens by that day, no matter what flight(s) you may have taken. If you meet us at the airport, you'll be able to take the KIIS bus to the hotel. Otherwise, you may meet us at the Hotel Attalos (travel from the airport is at your own expense), but no later than 1800 on May 16. You must inform us of your travel plans in advance.

Flight times, while correct on January 19, are subject to the airline's discretion. Thus, the times may vary by even an hour from what we've written here. Never fear--our tickets are still good, even if a flight NUMBER changes!

Please be at the airport in Cincinnati by 0745 on the morning of May 14 (remember! Cincinnati is on Eastern Time). Drs. King and Shea will be there to meet you. (Drs. Rice and Bunting will join us en route.) If you'll be arriving late to the airport, contact Richard King at 765 730-9165 or Chris Shea at 765 631-0652 or John Dizgun (KIIS Executive Director) at 270-227-2288 (cell).

It's only a short time now!
AMERICAN AIRLINES (itinerary last updated: April23, 2019)

Date Flight# Departure City Dep. Time Arrival City Arrival Time

May 14 AA 5578 Cincinnati (CVG) 10:45 AM Eastern

Philadelphia (PHL) 12:29 PM
May 15 AA 758 Philadelphia 4:25 PM Athens (ATH) 9:15 AM May 15
June 20

AA 759 Athens 11:35 AM Philadelphia 3:55 PM
June 20 AA 5583 Philadelphia 6:15 PM Cincinnati 8:22 PM

If you have any questions, please let me know.