KIIS Greece Student Learning Outcomes

2013 Students in class at the Theater of Dionysus, Athens
After completing the KIIS Greece trip, students will have

  • · honed their knowledge of Greece and Greek society, from antiquity to the 21st century;
· synthesized academic concepts with real world experiences;

  • · observed Mediterranean life in rural settings, in middle-sized towns, and on islands, as well as in the megalopolis of Athens;
· interacted with ordinary Greeks on a regular basis;

  • · exhibited confidence in their abilities to function competently in another culture;
· articulated an understanding of what it means to be the stranger in another land;

· articulated the relationship between ideas and place (i.e., geography, landscape, buildings, monuments) as that relationship reflects the past, the present, and the recreation of the past in the present;

· clarified their personal values, both as U. S. citizens and as individuals;

· deepened their appreciation for the values of others;

· improved their oral and written communication skills in English.

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