Sites and Museums in Greece

NB: This list has been maximized, i.e., we've listed everything we might possibly want to do on any given day. Otherwise, we'd be in trouble with the Greek government. It may happen that museums we wish to visit are closed (even though the official website says they're open) because of austerity measures, etc. Thus, we've listed some museums for several days. We may not be able to visit Milos because of disruptions in the ferry schedule, because of austerity measures, etc. Sometimes a bus driver cannot manipulate our bus through narrow streets because of traffic, etc.--this often happens in Argos.

Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) Greece Program
Sites and Museums in Greece 28 June-31 July 2021

Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) Greece Program Sites and Museums in Greece 28 June-31 July 2021
Athens (28 June – 30 June)
Monday 28 June
Temple of Olympian Zeus

Tuesday 29 June
Kerameikos Cemetery
Kerameikos Archaeological Museum

Wednesday 30 June
Acropolis Museum
Theater of Dionysus

Mykonos and Delos (1 July2 July)
Friday 2 July Delos
Archaeological Museum of Delos
Archaeological Museum of Mykonos (optional; not with entire group)

Naxos (3 July – 10 July)
Monday 5 July
Temple of Demeter at Sangri
Kouros archaeological sites
Panagia Drossiani

Tuesday 6 July
Archaeological Museum of Naxos

Santorini (7 July8 July)
Wednesday 7 July
The Historical and Cultural Museum of Santorini (optional: not with whole group)
Museum of Prehistoric Thera (optional: not with whole group)

Milos (11 July – 13 July)
Monday 12 July
Archaeological Museum of Milos
Roman Theater
Archaeological sites (Phylakopi, etc.)

Siphnos (14 July – 17 July)
Thursday 15 July
Archaeological Museum of Siphnos
Agios Andreas

Athens (18 July – 19 July)
Monday 19 July
Agora archaeological site
Agora Museum
National Archaeological Museum
Roman agora, Athens (optional: not with whole group)
Hadrian’s Library (optional: not with whole group)

Corinth (20 July)
Archaeological site of Corinth
Archeological Museum of Corinth
Archaeological site of Perachora (if time permits)

Delphi (21 July – 22 July)
Wednesday 21July
Archaeological Museum of Delphi
Archaeological site of Delphi

Thursday 22July
Archaeological site of Delphi
Archaeological Museum of Delphi

Olympia (22 July – 23 July)
Thursday 22 July
Archaeological Museum of Olympia
Archaeological site of Olympia

Friday 23 July
Museum of the Olympic Games
Archaeological site of Olympia

Nauplion and Argolid (24 July – 28 July)
Saturday 24 July
Archaeological site of Bassae
Archaeological site of Nemea
Archaeological Museum of Nemea

Sunday 25 July
Archaeological Museum of Nauplion
Castle of Palamidi at Nauplion (optional: not with whole group)

Tuesday 27 July
Theater at Epidauros
Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidauros
Archaeological Museum of Epidauros

Wednesday 28 July
Argos archaeological sites
Archaeological site of Mycenae
Treasury of Atreus at Mycenae

Corinth and Eleusis (29 July)
Thursday29 July
Archaeological Museum of Eleusis
Archaeological site of Eleusis

Athens (30 July -- 31 July)
Friday 30 July
National Archaeological Museum (optional: not with whole group)
Plato’s Academy (optional: not with whole group)